And else one BMG I Feel Love video

Instead of this one.
I love `em.

Fixed BoxOver js library

Hi there, my dear java-damned-script fans!

boxoverToday I used to find an strange bug in pretty little fine-looking-hints library, called BoxOver from here. As you know, for the chars ", [ and ] with this library you must use ", [[ and ]] to display… It works, but only once for brackets.

So, I tried to find a fix… None found. At the forum some guy gave an ugly fix with &rbr; and so on…

Shame on you guys, did you ever heard of regexp syntax? 😉

Here’s the BoxOver library with fixed [ and ] brackets display:

Download BoxOver 2.1a javascript library (28th May 2008)

BTW, when I tried to register on forum to post my fix – I can’t – because of captcha insult, and that’s why I posted it here.

Cynic Reunited

Cynic is one of my will-hear-till-death bands. And (as a lot of people) I thought they broken forever after their one-and-best Focus album.

But seems like nowdays dead walked to live.

I have they brilliant "Live in Norway at Hovefestivalen 2007" video from european tour – with new song and other funny stuff…

And I saw a lot of guys asking "Is anybody have a tracklist?".

Hell yeah, I made it for you guys. Here it is:

Cynic – Live at Hovefestivalen 2007

tracklisting as follows:

01 Intro 00:00-04:02  
02 Veil of Maya 04:02-09:25  
03 Celestial Voyage 09:47-13:27  
04 The Eagle Nature 13:51-17:35  
05 Sentiment 17:35-22:55 // extended
06 I’m But A Wave To… 23:48-29:14  
07 Evolutionary Sleeper 30:54-35:33 // new song
08 Textures 36:00-40:32  
09 Uroboric Forms 41:18-45:02  
10 Cosmos 46:08-50:52 // Portal demo
11 How Could I 51:59-57:31  

And – we’re waiting for 2008 album. How do I know? Heheheh. From wikipedia article 😉

FireFox 2 silently crashes (shit)

I’m not happy with FireFox last two or three months. It crases eventually (but often, yeah) and silently. Front end just disappears, but process remains – and actively eats memory.

Most recent case is: clear cache then open some "heavy" site with some flash elements.

Maybe FF itself is innocent but plugins (for ex. Firebug)


User agent switcher

Helpful thing (for web developer)

Firefox plugin User Agent Switcher 

But check out Safari 3.1 for Windows. Preferences => Advanced tab, enable Develop menu and – voila! – you have all you want and many more things. Actually it remembered me FireBug extension for FireFox.

Enjoy 😉

Microsoft Windows Nazi Flag

Yep, i found funny Steve/Adolf Ballmer video.

Steve’s pretty good man at all, but his “Developers” speech was the best (not taking into account “I Love This Company” which is just brilliant)

And then I tried to find a flag. None found. Well… I made one 😉

microsoft windows nazi flag reich

Spider-pig in Russian

Russian Spider Pig Do you remember Scary Spider-pig from The Simpsons: Movie?

And a brilliant Spider-pig theme?

Yep, now I have it in Russian! Very funny 🙂

Here it is: Spider-pig in Russian mp3

Winnie The Who The Bloody Hell Is That?

Chinese Fran-ken-stein. This thing is jumping. Somewhat like salto-mortale.

Winnie The Who The Bloody Hell Is That

Sorry for quality – I had only my K700i at a moment.

Harry Potter Slash

This is REAL Harry Potter Slash! No shit!

It’s for those guys who made Harry Potter porn slash. Hi gauys!

And what happened to Google?

Can’t you see? Or it’s just my problem?

Google: Im Feeling Fucky

I don’t think so. I’ll tell you more – many people feeling fucky nowdays. Today they’re webmasters, but times when guy behind a browser will feel himself fucky – it’s a not-so-far-away future.

Veyron vs Eurofighter: Top Gear’s turn

Hey, here’s video from a BOX 😉
It’s legal, nor those pirated copies.
Now you can see, what’re you loosing while buying pirated copies he he he…

Gogol Bordello’s Wonderlust King Video

Music Video for Wonderlust King, composed mainly of footage from the Pied Piper of Hutzovina.

Super Taranta (2007) it’s must-have album!