The Obliteration of Humanity.

The old band from Czech Republic, and the good one! And the dead one. They was banded in 1990 – and was disbanded in 2006 (I think so), what a mess. I’m really in grief for them. And damn the Earache!

Guys are: Humanoid, Schizoid, Wokis and Freedom. Here they are:


And – !T.O.O.H.! homepage in English.

Their swansong – Ràd a Trest (Order & Punishment) is absolutely brilliant thing! Very, very distinctive sound, evil lyrics, just good musical material – and 36:41 of pleasure. One of the best albums ever for me now. Listen to it, first time sound looks strange somehow, but you’ll love it!

Note: pleasure guaranteed only if you’re in love with good old death metal 😉

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