Fixed BoxOver js library

Hi there, my dear java-damned-script fans!

boxoverToday I used to find an strange bug in pretty little fine-looking-hints library, called BoxOver from here. As you know, for the chars ", [ and ] with this library you must use ", [[ and ]] to display… It works, but only once for brackets.

So, I tried to find a fix… None found. At the forum some guy gave an ugly fix with &rbr; and so on…

Shame on you guys, did you ever heard of regexp syntax? 😉

Here’s the BoxOver library with fixed [ and ] brackets display:

Download BoxOver 2.1a javascript library (28th May 2008)

BTW, when I tried to register on forum to post my fix – I can’t – because of captcha insult, and that’s why I posted it here.

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