Cynic Reunited

Cynic is one of my will-hear-till-death bands. And (as a lot of people) I thought they broken forever after their one-and-best Focus album.

But seems like nowdays dead walked to live.

I have they brilliant "Live in Norway at Hovefestivalen 2007" video from european tour – with new song and other funny stuff…

And I saw a lot of guys asking "Is anybody have a tracklist?".

Hell yeah, I made it for you guys. Here it is:

Cynic – Live at Hovefestivalen 2007

tracklisting as follows:

01 Intro 00:00-04:02  
02 Veil of Maya 04:02-09:25  
03 Celestial Voyage 09:47-13:27  
04 The Eagle Nature 13:51-17:35  
05 Sentiment 17:35-22:55 // extended
06 I’m But A Wave To… 23:48-29:14  
07 Evolutionary Sleeper 30:54-35:33 // new song
08 Textures 36:00-40:32  
09 Uroboric Forms 41:18-45:02  
10 Cosmos 46:08-50:52 // Portal demo
11 How Could I 51:59-57:31  

And – we’re waiting for 2008 album. How do I know? Heheheh. From wikipedia article 😉

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