3D cover design in two clicks

Look at this:

3D cover design in two clicks 3D cover design in two clicks 3D cover design in two clicks 3D cover design in two clicks

It’s all virtual. And this is not a professional’s work. Those beautiful product boxes, books, and even DVDs – just in two clicks from you.

This is all a Box Shot 3D software, and it’ll cost a fifty if you want to remove watermarks from shareware version.

Some blah-blahs from official site:

Box Shot 3D is a virtual cover renderer based on ray tracing algorithms. What does this mean? Simply put, the box shots you create will look very realistic. This attractive display is often the deciding factor for purchasing products.

Because of high rendering technology, Box Shot 3D’s rendering is so life-like, customers may think they are seeing the actual product photo. Visit here for more details.

Please look at our product comparison here and judge for yourself the best, most economical and efficient method of creating your perfect product box shot.

This program worth a fifty. Of course you can spent this fifty it for a couple of good 3D design books, and then you can find a good freeware 3D editor, and learn how to use it, and then you’ll be able to render your product box shots! Or, as another way, you can pay a fifty to professional. He’ll do a work for you. One time.

Resume: try it, buy it, use it! My mark: 10 of 10 possible!

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