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I was looking for a windows (I mean win32) command-line send mail utility, something like Unix’s SendMail. And again – all I find worth $$. But when I look harder – I found two little utilities. They’re almost perfect.

1. Blat

Product that may cover most of your needs. Not a sendmail itself, but this is what most people mean when said “sendmail, windows, freeware”. Send your messages from command line, from batch files, from scripts etc. Authorisation and all the stuff is onboard. Opensource. C++. SourceForge based management. Active development.

What is Blat (and what does it do)? Blat is a small, efficent SMTP command line mailer for Windows. It is the SMTP *sending* part of an eMail User Agent (MUA) or eMail client. As such, Blat sends eMail via SMTP (or internet eMail) from the command line, or CGI, …

What is Blat not? Blat is NOT a drop in replacement for the Unix SENDMAIL, MAIL, MAILX utilities (or for that matter, any other eMail tool you can think of). A Perl script written to use these, for example, will not work without some tweaking.

You can download fresh Blat (sorta freeware sendmail for windows) from here: Blat’s download page.

2. Free SendMail Utility for Windows

Simplier one freeware sendmail utility – from John Wood, and it’s in v0.1 Beta state, and seems like author will not support it anymore ever (he called it a 10 minuter in 2005), and it’s written in C# (i.e. if you don’t have dotnetfx installed – so now you have to), but: a) it works; b) it’s simplier than blat; c) it small; d) it’s opensource.

The thing is, .Net gives you everything you need to send email, in an SmtpMail class. To send mail from the command line, I just had to expose this class – and how difficult could that be?! It had to be another 10 minuter.

So once again I did it myself. To save others the hassle of searching through google, or paying cash, I’ve compiled it into a simple command-line utility and put it up on my website.

Sure it’s nothing fancy, but it appears to get the job done from the limited testing I’ve run.

You can download Free SendMail Utility for Windows (a simple freeware sendmail for windows) from here: Free SendMail’s download page.

As for me – the first one is the best.

Hope I helped you to find what you want 😉

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