Rise of the Tyrant 2007 Arch Enemy (Promo)

Rise of the Tyrant 2007 Arch Enemy PromoCountry: Sweden (Halmstad)
: Metal
Release date: 2007 September 24th
Format: MP3
Audio Bitrate: VBR ~240 kbps
Grand Total: 48:33

The band:
Angela Gossow – Vocals
Michael Amott – Guitars
Christopher Amott – Guitars
Sharlee D’Angelo – Bass
Daniel Erlandsson – Drums


  1. Blood On Our Hands 04:41
  2. The Last Enemy 04:16
  3. I Will Live Again 03:32
  4. In This Shallow Grave 04:54
  5. Revolution Begins 04:12
  6. Rise Of The Tyrant 04:34
  7. The Day You Died 04:53
  8. Intermezzo Liberte 02:51
  9. Night Falls Fast 03:18
  10. The Great Darkness 04:47
  11. Vultures 06:35

And what we have here?

Very clear and powerful sound, big respect to Angela and both Amotts and other guys.

As band’s fan #1 – I downloaded a copy. Forgive me, but I can’t wait so long…

And I was surprised – the sound is clear, no promo “beeps”… Those beeps became a sorta sound-garbage, “klack klack” in the background… I think guys must protect their promo materials heavily… You can download no beeping version of the Rise of the Tyrant from some torrent resource or from e-mule network.

Now I’ll wait September 24th to buy the album – it’s really must-have one!

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