BlogJet is a commercial blog client for Windows. And I made this and previous posts using this software. Hmmm. BlogJet is much better than BlogDesk one…. But I still need to edit the post after posting is done. Where are papagraph styles? Where are h1 h2 h3 h4 etc… ?? Where is real WYSIWYG editor? Where is image properties editing after I inserted it? Where human-readable image naming (check this out – in previous post image on my HDD named arch-enemy-2007-rise-of-the-tyrant-promo.jpg became some kind of non-seo non-human non-anyone set of letters)?

Author may talk about money, work to be done, “how he make controls that were snatched by microsoft”, and some mental shit, but I must say one thing. BlogJet is crap. Just like BlogDesk. Please note that BlogDesk is free to use, when BlogJet’s author wants $39.95. I’ll put them both in one place – and it will be /dev/null.

The official site says

BlogJet 2.0

Blog editor on steroids.
Now better than ever.

1. Remember, kids, steroids are bad. And this piece of binary crap proves it.
2. If this is better than ever – what’s bad?
3. Why 2.0? Did you anything for it? NO! It must be 1.99 – and so on – 1.100, 1.101.

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